Road Bike Essential Skills 2 x 2hrs

From AUD $245.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours

"I've got this new bike but I don't know what to do with it” 
 "I just want to feel safe and secure and not like a burden to others I ride with!'

If this sounds like you, then Ride-a-Bike Right can help you get on to your ROAD BIKE with skills, confidence and safety to so that cycling becomes a pleasure and maybe even a passion! Refreshing all your current cycling skills and teaching Road Bike Specific skills enabling you to understand how and why to use the bike in specific ways, 

Ride-a-Bike can get you on your Road bike for fun and recreation.

Topics Covered:

Gears - their uses, how & why

Specific road bike control

How to use Cleats

Road ride along popular Adelaide fitness route/s

Assisting adults to get into road bike riding. Designed for those who know how to ride and have a road bike (with 'curly' handlebars) & who want to cycle for health, fun and fitness. The course gives participants knowledge and confidence through practising skills riding in a non/low/medium traffic environments, comprehensive understanding of gearing, etiquette of road riding in a small group, and basic (but important) maintenance.
Ride-a-Bike Right will call to arrange the dates and times with you