PRIVATE Learn to Ride - Child 3x1hr Lessons

From AUD $275.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Location: Brooklyn Park, SA
Private lessons for children
Ride-a-Bike Right will call to arrange the dates and times with you
For children do can not yet pedal and ride a bike independently. If your child uses training wheels or a balance bike this is ideal for them.
Skills taught, practised and developed in a non-traffic environment.

  • How to balance and ride a bike
  • Bike, helmet & clothing safety
  • Basic bike knowledge
  • Mounting and dismounting the bike
  • Correct use of brakes, skills on how to stop and start, riding efficiently
  • Cornering, swerving, posture and body balance
  • Standing on pedals raising and lowering body
  • Scanning and signalling if extension is required