Adult - Back on the Bike (Private Lessons)

From AUD $265.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Location: Brooklyn Park, South Australia

"I see couples riding along the river, and think “Gee that looks nice...I wish I could”
'I think I’ve forgotten how to ride!'

If this sounds like you, then Ride-a-Bike Right will help you get back on the bike, refresh all those skills you once knew and teach you the safety, good techniques and tips that will keep you on the bike for fun and recreation.

Assisting adults to get back on the bike. Designed for those who know how to ride but haven’t in many years and want to cycle for health, fun and fitness. The course gives participants knowledge and confidence through practising skills riding in a non/low traffic environment, path riding, left/right/hook turns, safe route planning, bike security.

3x1hr sessions allows for skills acquisition over 2 lessons and a 3rd for a ride in local park lands/low traffic

2x 90mins session are suggest only for fit active adults with lessons 1 for skills learning and lessons 2 for skills and low traffic riding

COMMUTING SKILLS is for those who want to rid in traffic (for work or whatever)

Ride-a-Bike Right will call to arrange the dates and times with you 

Weekend - Brooklyn Park
Mid week - Torrensville or Richmond

Buying a bike: If you don't have a bike as yet, we suggest that you wait until after your 1st lesson before you buy a bike, you'll be given info on which style and size bike will best suit your needs.